Nature in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has many natural resources that offer endless pleasure to residents. Firstly, the weather is pleasant throughout the year. this helps to make life comfortable and friendly. that is truthfully a tip of the iceberg when it comes to nature in Gran Canaria.

This magnificent island is considered a mini continent , with some of the most atypical sceneries around the globe. So it is no wonder that the island received UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve recognition. the tremendous efforts to assist in the conservation of natural pieces has made Gran Canaria a unique micro planet. Almost 50 percent of the mini-continent’s geographical area is incorporated in this reserve , including six country communities associated with local activities.

Nature in Gran Canaria is well recognized because of a number of reasons. To start with, the town has a theme park based on the uncommon and extraordinary Macaronesian foliage. A secure park that boasts flora that thrive away from other regions of the world, in the unique Macaronesian area, a distinct region that enjoys its peculiarity within the mini-continent’s nascent countryside.

The Playa de Güi Güi Beach

Gran Canaria’s relief boasts another great aspect. A huge depression called Tejeda Caldera can be found in the middle of the miniature continent , drawing rain water that meanders along gorges before entering the sea. Overall, Gran Canaria can be considered to be a massif as it reaches 1,949 m above sea level (the peak of Mt. Las Nieves).

Pine forests

The islands south western side has maintained its natural settings for years. Pine forests can be found around the Biosphere Reserve, with this tree remaining distinct in the whole world. Man's actions have been kind to nature in Gran Canaria, combining with the initial environment and hence, resulting in a unique scenery that is expected to thrive for many years to come. Now it is difficult to differentiate the original and the new elements in Gran Canaria.

Blue skies

Gran Canaria’s natural beauty is also magnificent in the seashore. From the sea level to approximately 300 meters, the setting is semi arid, complete with magical euphoria. The willow groves salt cedar and palm trees can be found in valleys and ravines.

The coastal strip has huge immersed deltas, volcanic ravines, elevated cliffs and disheveled sandbanks. The natal beauty is enhanced by an excellent biodiversity, which supports different types of dolphins and turtles. Pleasant climatic conditions and different natural species converge in the Biosphere.