Living in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is an ideal place to live and work. It is a great island with many stunning attractions suitable for different needs. Gran Canaria offers pleasant weather throughout the year. It is virtually never too cold or too hot around this mini continent with the temperatures averaging 24º Celsius throughout the year. It is therefore no wonder that many people have chosen to live in Gran Canaria, making it one of the most populous Canarian islands.

The temperatures in the cumbers or mountains can range from zero to thirty degrees Celsius. In December, locals wear warm clothes because of low temperatures, especially at night.
Rain is normally expected in winter and there several wet and cloudy days in December. The rain start in early December and then stops.

Gran Canaria is a great place to enjoy sunshine during the winter season. Like other Canarian islands, this is the only region in Europe where you can enjoy sunshine all year round.
The olive oil in Gran Canaria is delicious. Olive trees grow on land and many farmers are constantly learning many things from this great tree.

Gran Canaria has several natural resources, which offer unparalleled satisfaction to the locals. Because of the pleasant weather in the island, life is comfortable and pleasant. This great island is deemed a mini-continent because of its unusual sceneries. Therefore, it is not surprising that UNESCO (Biosphere Reserve) feted Gran Canaria. The immense resources available for the protection of natural elements have contributed to making the island a truly distinct place for people to move to. Nearly 50% of the town’s total space has been given prominence in the reserve, counting up to six rustic communities, involving local ventures. There is a free park with plants that cannot be found in any other part of the world.

Gran Canaria is widely popular as a holiday destination the world over. Many other people relocate to the island in search of a better environment and opportunities.
Singles, couples and kids have plenty of activities to do. Living in Gran Canaria has become a dream for many. Some people live here because of their jobs. Others mainly want to take time away from their home counties to explore and find out what the island has to offer.