Find Jobs in Gran Canaria - Information about work in Gran Canaria

Many English-speakers in Gran Canaria are tutors so realistically most vacancies are found in learning institutions. In case you are not into teaching, you may need to look for a job on the south coast since there are few non-teaching jobs in the northern part of the island.

There are 4 kinds of teaching jobs in Gran Canaria: English schools, bilingual schools, teaching assistant and language schools. Each of these categories involves certain qualifications and as you would expect, the pay is different. If you would like filling any available teaching vacancies in Gran Canaria, it is important to make your CV as competitive as possible because eve these jobs are few and far between while the competition is extremely high.

If you are teacher, you should get in contact with school principals, as this is an ideal way to get a job in the northern part of the island. Submit your resume to different schools and then contact them to ensure they got your resume. Those who would fancy teaching in private institutions can post their messages in different places around the island or on the web.

If you are fluent in two different international languages, then you should consider forwarding your resume to different translation companies for consideration, although the opportunities are limited.

Trained TEFL Tutors can use this qualification to boost their incomes. Market your skills in bookstores and at the college and surely, you will find opportunities.
Finding a job in Gran Canaria will depend on several factors including your skills. Random jobs are difficult to find buy you can find manual jobs within the English-speaking group. While they are difficult to come by, you can market any special skills you possess and opportunities might crop up. Other jobs available include gym tutors, cleaning jobs and bar work.
There are always opportunities available for those with the necessary skills. However, you will need to search for that job. Remember since Gran Canaria is an excellent place to work and live, many people are constantly searching for such opportunities.

Websites and newspaper adverts do not always list vacancies in Gran Canaria but it is important to consider visiting to find out where you can get a copy of the TCN, which is free paper)
Notice boards to look at any available student jobs.

Most opportunities are offered on contract basis and taxes will be catered for by the employer. Nonetheless, self-employed individuals have to part with high amounts each month.