What to Do In Gran Canaria

Many people travel to Gran Canaria for holidays during different times of the year. With its magnificent beaches, quaint sceneries and contemporary hotels and restaurants, Gran Canaria is a paradise for many, including couples, singles and even the whole family. If you are planning to enjoy your next holiday in Gran Canaria, then here are some of the things to do to make your stay a memorable one.
Take your adventure to Arucas. Aside from fantastic buildings and parks, this city is known for its assembly of the best run in Canaria known as Arehucas. Here, there are always tastings, hence be sure to try the local delicacy.

If you would like to spend time away from the hustle and bustle life of the city, then look no further than Puerto De Mogán. Move around the Venice streets and go out for lunch at a quayside restaurant.

Many water sports are available in most beaches in Gran Canaria. Deep-sea fishing is increasingly becoming popular. In case you want to try something more relaxing, then you can visit the beach. There are restaurants, hotels violas and taverns around each beach so you will find it easy to settle and enjoy your new and fresh environment.

The famous Puerto Rico is near the south coast. It provides a range of sandy beaches, hidden from storms and isolation from the waters, which makes it ideal for the children.
On the northern tip of the island lies Las Palmas -this is Gran Canaria’s capital city. There are many antique spectacles around the city, including the magnificent Cathedral of St. Anne.
For a different experience, consider Guayadeque. Other than the many almond trees, you will locate villages where the architecture comprises just caves. Take a trip to the top of some of the mountains and have excellent panoramic views of different regions in the island. Based on the prevailing weather conditions, you might want to move and discover the crater. There are many nightclubs and promenades that offer live performances until the early morning hours. Jazz and salsa music is played for the audience. If you feel you are lucky enough, there are great casinos in the city, including the Casino Las Palmas

With water parks AquaLand, entertainment parks and animal zoos, you will find it easy keeping your children happy in Gran Canaria. Consider visiting Sioux City or Palmitos Park.